Try to Stop Saying ‘That’s Crazy!’ – It’s harder than you think.
Posted on June 13, 2019

Individuals with mental illness are one of the last groups of people that can be safely made fun of; or referenced as a pejorative.

If you’re looking for a replacement term, I suggest using ‘wild’.

q: “How was your trip?”

a: “It was Wild!”

[ try it out. ]


Mental Illness vs Mental Health
Posted on May 14, 2019

Sometimes people use the phrase ‘mental health’ when they’re really talking about illness.

Very few people are uncomfortable with health.

Mental Illness vs Mental Health

Closed Captioning [yes]
Posted on April 29, 2019

I’ve learned how to add closed captioning to each of my videos. Let me know if you find any mistakes.

I will be releasing more new clips of my keynote talks.

Here is one from the Recreation NB 2019 conference last month:

Waiting on The Wind

Being Your Average Self PART 2 + Update – Closed Captioning for Videos
Posted on April 1, 2019

I’m happy to announce I am finally releasing some clips from one of my talks – ‘Mental Illness: It’s Time to Stop being Weird About It.’

The videos are supported by a series of blogs I wrote for Unison – a fantastic support agency for musicians.

However, I am embarrassed to say I over-looked adding closed captioning to each clip. A big THANKS! to Tanya Scholten for gently pointing out my mistake.
I’ll have this omission fixed before the end of the month.

Also – please check out PART 2 of Being your Best Average Self.

Physical Fitness = Mental Fitness aka Your Mind is Your Body
Posted on March 25, 2019

Thanks to Unison Benevolent Fund for presenting a series of blog posts I wrote. You can find the next two instalments published in their blog on Sundays.

For more information on Unison and the work they do to support the music industry please check out be your best self FB size_0

Paddle To The Ocean – Now Available FREE to stream
Posted on December 3, 2018

Thanks for the continued interest in Paddle To The Ocean.

I’ve decided to make the FULL VERSION available FREE for streaming.

If you’re an educator looking for a hard copy (DVD) please email me directly.

Next Generation of Recreation Therapists
Posted on July 18, 2017

Calgary Rec Therapy

In Calgary and feeling privileged to work with the next generation of recreation therapists – courtesy of the University of Lethbridge. As always I need to find my way to the water whenever I can! ~z

Talking Mental Health in Whitehorse, Yukon
Posted on May 30, 2017

Had an incredible trip to Whitehorse in the Yukon! (It was my first visit.) Talked to a team of government employees about the stigma of mental health and we played a couple tunes on the banjo too!

Zac in Whitehorse, Yukon

Disconnect (just once)
Posted on December 13, 2016

As we slide toward the end of the year, consider the benefits of doing less.

Try to remember to turn your device(s) off 1x each day.

Disconnect –

Your brain will thank you.

Let’s Keep Talking – May 3
Posted on April 1, 2016

I’m excited to be part of Let’s Keep Talking – [May 3rd, 6pm @ Spatz Theater]

It’s an annual event from the Nova Scotia Mental Health Foundation.

This year’s featured speaker is Margaret Trudeau.

…no pressure 😉