Welcome to the new website28.06.10

My name is Zac Crouse. I am a musician & whitewater / expedition kayaker from Halifax, NS.

I’ve got a few plans for the next year, the first is to release a solo album this fall.

Then, in May 2011 I’m going to kayak from the Ottawa Valley in Ontario to Halifax Nova Scotia with my good friend Jon Jennex. We’re doing this in the hopes that it will inspire others to engage in active, healthy lifestyles that do not depend on fossil fuels for transportation.

By embarking on this adventure, we plan to raise awareness of the good work that agencies like the Ecology Action Center & the Heart & Stroke Foundation are doing everyday.

But if that doesn’t get the word out, we’re going to shoot a documentary of the whole trip with the help of professional white water kayaker & documentary film maker Kelsey Thompson