I Love Bear River!18.12.10

I can’t say enough nice things about our hosts for the mini-tour.  We were treated to 1st class hospitality at Lane’s Privateer Inn, then off to Kip & Brit’s house for good times in Lunenburg.

The next day I scored an old hand-planer at the flea market (Tanya is full of good ideas) and Mr. Pope picked up some LPs. Then we went 4 wheeling on the West Dalhousie Rd – turns out it’s not paved very much at all – to arrive in the magical village of Bear River.

Jon & Erin were amazing hosts, preparing a huge meal; & making the show go smoothly – even though they just had twins! Which could be why Jon had no problem staying up with us until 4am to play music. I think they’ve both been dealing with no sleep for a while now.

Also, I was fortunate enough to meet Tim Wilson, director of ‘Griefwalker’ – you may have seen it at the film festival a few months ago. He gave me some tips for the upcoming documentary I’ll be filming in the spring.